Picking the Right Pool Cover with Safety Tips

Finding the right pool cover can be a difficult and sometimes confusing task,but having the right pool cover will save you money by keeping your pool clean,stain-free,and chemically balanced during the winter. If you keep in mind the following tips,you should find the right one in no time.

  • Kids & Pets– Do you have kids or pets? Do your neighbors have young children or pets? If you answer “yes” to either of those,then you should look into pool safety covers. Pool safety covers are extra sturdy to withstand weight on top in case a pet or child wonders out onto it accidentally.
  • Size– It is important that you get the pool size exactly right. A good fitting pool cover will prevent debris from getting into your pool during the winter and,in a safety cover,will ensure proper functionality.
  • Color– Whether you are buying a safety cover or winter cover,the best covers are solid and dark-colored. The solid dark cover ensures that sunlight does not penetrate the cover.

If you own a swimming pool,chances are you already have plans for a social gathering with family or friends from your neighborhood. The unoccupied time that your swimming pool sits between these events can be dangerous to any children in the surrounding area. Here at Blue Waters we take pool safety very seriously and strongly encourage everyone with a pool to look at our pool Alarm and Fence product pages to get started with pool safety. Here are some very important pool safety precautions:

  • Set some kind of physical obstacles that limit access to the pool include fences or walls,and power safety coversover pools
  • Fences should be at least 4 feet high and fitted around the entire pool. Fence gates must be self-closing and self- latching. The latches should also be out of a small children’s reach.
  • If the side of your house forms one of the barriers to the pool,then the door(s) from the house to the pool should be secured with alarms that produce a loud sound when any door is surprisingly opened. An electric safety cover,an electric motor-powered barrier that extends over the water,can be used as a substitute to door alarms.
  • For unreachable above-ground pools,steps and ladders to the pool should be locked,or removed when the pool is not being used.